Personalised Nutrition

Personalised Nutrition Programmes

Jeyanthi offers personalised nutrition programmes tailored to the individual where excess weight is an ongoing concern. Have you struggled to lose weight your entire life? Has it got worse as you’ve got older? Have you tried every diet and exercise regime going only to find that once you stop dieting the weight piles back on again? Whether you are male or female, an individualised programme tailored to your body type can not only help with weight loss but ensure a sustainable and long term plan to keep your weight off.


You don't necessary need to hit the gym, but simple lifestyle changes can help you to lose weight and reach optimum health

Lifestyle Changes

Through personal coaching we look to ensure long term changes that lead to overall health & wellbeing and positivity

Health & Wellbeing

A sustainable nutrition plan that involves changing the foods you eat rather than starving yourself through fad diets

Best Nutritionist

Programme FAQs

Yes, these programmes are suitable for men and women of all ages who may struggle with their weight.

Yes, I am a registered nutritional therapist with many years of experience. I am happy to share my certification upon request.

Nutritional therapy goes deeper into the reasons you choose certain foods over others, looks at the psychology behind comfort eating for example and examines your relationship with food. Rather than a diet, we look to make lifestyle changes that are sustainable and long term to keep you in optimum health.

I am based in London and can offer face to face sessions or Zoom sessions, as well as individual or group therapies. I am also available for corporate group sessions for which I can travel to deliver them in person.

Enquire about Nutritional Therapy

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