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What is Depression?

Depression describes a set of mood disorders ranging from low mood to more severe difficulties that interfere with everyday life. […]

Good health begins as a thought

Achieving long-term health and energy is a balancing act. Quite simply, what you put into your mind may have as […]

Are you feeling negative towards the menopause?

In our society, there are many negative connotations associated with the menopause. Lots of negative words are portrayed in the […]

Non Scale Victories

Celebrate your victories, not just the numbers Have you ever heard of Non Scale Victories? It’s often shortened to NSV. […]

What cravings really reveal about your health

Is it all in your head or is your body trying to tell you something? Some might dismiss a ‘wisdom […]

The secret sauce of weight loss

I wonder how long you have spent over the course of your life searching for the magic pill when it […]

Do you feel tired and lack energy in the mornings?

Do you feel overwhelmed by your to do list and feel unfocused at work? Would you like to feel more […]

Did you know it’s Know Your Numbers week this week?

Is your blood pressure under 120/80mmHg? If you don’t know your numbers, here’s why it really matters. ·     According to Blood […]

How much water do you drink in a day?

Most people would know that the recommended fluid intake is 1.5 to 2 litres or 6-8 glasses. The NHS, although […]